Stay Fit With Analytics-based Healthcare at New York Sports Clubs

Client Background

New York Sports Clubs (NYSC) is a fitness industry leader with over 50 years of experience. They pride themselves on offering high-quality services and a welcoming environment for members. NYSC has been improving lives through fitness since 1973. It offers various cardio and strength equipment, functional training turf, barbell platforms and racks, personal training, group fitness, recovery lounges, and more. We’re here to support your goals and make every workout count.


Healthcare & Fitness

The Challenges

As NYSC expanded its services and locations, tracking branch-wise memberships and analyzing membership trends became challenging. Manual data collection and analysis were time-consuming and inefficient, limiting their ability to make data-driven decisions to optimize growth strategies.


Sigma Solve had to devise strategies to mitigate expenses due to the high cost of third-party applications. In addition to subscription acquisitions, NYSC sought the integration of a Gift Card Purchase mechanism into their platform. NYSC encountered recurring login challenges with third-party software and enlisted Sigma Solve’s assistance in permanently addressing these issues.

  • Due to the lack of a multifaceted and secure payment system in their existing system, Sigma Solve was asked to build a feature around online payment options.
  • Since third-party applications were costly, Sigma Solve was required to develop features to reduce costs.
  • NYSC faced multiple login-related issues in third-party applications and wanted Sigma Solve to resolve them once and for all.
  • Sigma Solve was asked to replace third-party applications with custom solutions.
  • Other than subscription purchases, NYSC requested building a Gift Card Purchase system within the interface.

The Solutions

Sigma Solve partnered with NYSC to develop custom web portal features and eCommerce functionalities. These features leveraged cloud technology to optimize lead acquisition, streamlined workflows, and real-time data on branch memberships, allowing NYSC to:

  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with industry-leading third-party solutions such as ABC (formerly Moso) enabled NYSC to enhance member management capabilities, streamline lead generation processes, and optimize operational workflows.
  • Lead Generation Optimization: Integration with lead generation platforms like Gymsales empowered NYSC to capture, nurture, and convert leads effectively, driving higher acquisition rates and accelerating business growth.
  • E-commerce Integration: Implementing eCommerce functionalities for gift card purchases and multiple membership subscription levels (including single gym, regional, and passport access) enriched member experiences, increased revenue streams, and facilitated seamless transactions.
  • Application modernization: The application was modernized to address strategic deficiencies. Third-party apps were replaced with custom solutions to eliminate payment and login-related issues.
  • Data-driven Insights: Sigma Solve enabled the system to track and monitor membership across the branch locations and prepare insights into demography and preferences.

The Outcomes

Sigma Solve’s partnership with NYSC is a testament to our ability to provide innovative solutions that drive tangible results for its clients. Sigma Solve successfully enhanced the overall efficiency of NYSC’s portal by modernizing the application and integrating eCommerce functionalities to increase sales, revenue, and customer retention.

Integration with Gymsales and other lead generation platforms enabled NYSC to optimize lead acquisition.

NYSC was empowered with simplified conversion processes, significantly increasing membership sales and revenue.

Centralized membership management and streamlined operational workflows improved efficiency.

NYSC effectively reduced administrative overhead, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional fitness experiences.

We successfully diversified revenue streams by applying eCommerce functionalities for gift card membership subscriptions.

Diversified revenue streams delivered incremental revenue growth, enhancing financial sustainability.

NYSC User Experience

Client Testimonial

Sigma Solve Inc. has been the go-to company for our IT consulting projects. They have consistently delivered enterprise software solutions exceeding our clients' expectations while working within tight schedules and budgets. I highly recommend them.

Jeff Hillier

Affordable projects are completed on time as promised, always! Friendly, excellent communication. They have the best Project Manager and technology strategists. I have worked with Sigma Solve Inc. on many projects for years, and they never failed me. I will continue to work with them.

Andy Narendra

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