Streamlining Backend Operations Transforming Customer Experiences with Kawasaki

Customer Background

Kawasaki, a renowned Japanese multinational corporation, boasts a rich history as a pioneer in the automotive industry. It was the first foreign vehicle manufacturer to establish a manufacturing plant in America, demonstrating its commitment to global expansion and innovation.


However, in today’s digital age, Kawasaki, like many other companies, faced challenges in effectively managing customer interactions and dealer support. Their existing website struggled to handle customer requests efficiently, lacked features for tracking inquiries and adding notes, and couldn’t schedule activities. It resulted in a cumbersome process for both Kawasaki and their dealers, ultimately impacting customer service.



The Challenges

The development complexities for Sigma Solve were twofold. On the one hand, Kawasaki wants to develop a dealer portal, and on the other, they wanted to integrate their existing CRM with a dealer portal. The third expectation was to establish a specific workflow and its continuous execution. Sigma Solve also has its task cut out to establish an efficient database and its management mechanism to ensure the end-to-end process functions in tandem.

  • Seamlessly integrating the new Dealer Portal with Kawasaki’s existing Creatio CRM system was critical for data management.
  • Attending customer requests and following up with dealers for delivery required streamlined workflows.
  • Developing a tracking system to allow customers to track their tickets required skillful use of a technology mix.
  • Balancing a user-friendly interface for dealers and customers would be key to ensuring the smooth adoption of the new portal.
  • Sigma Solve was tasked with customizing the website to enable the notes/comments feature in CRM’s accounting section.
  • Implementing robust security features to protect sensitive customer and dealer information would be paramount.

The Solutions

A Twofold task project required a multi-talented team of developers and industry experts. Sigma Solve leveraged the latest technologies, emerging frameworks, and its seasoned developers to build a dealer portal that effectively manages dealers, customers, and suppliers. We also built a warranty management system to enhance customer services and, thus, customer experiences.

  • Sigma Solve integrated Kawasaki’s Creatio CRM with our dealer portal to effectively manage customer requests.
  • The newly integrated system amplified the ease of managing customer requests, dealer follow-ups, and delivery.
  • Sigma Solve built a centralized platform with a workflow sequence to manage customers, suppliers, and deals from a single platform.
  • With a dealer portal, managing a product warranty became extremely easy for Kawasaki, as customer requests could easily be forwarded to the dealers.
  • A request tracking system ensures customers can review and track their tickets efficiently and evaluate the dealer’s response.
  • A system was built to effectively track and manage the entire lifecycle of customer-reported incidents within the CRM.

The Outcomes

The sole aim of developing a dealer portal for Kawasaki was to enable Kawasaki to provide the best customer service and enhance customer experiences by involving dealers directly. Sigma Solve makes managing customer requests and services from dealers easy. Consequently, Sigma Solve reduced overhead expenses, improved response time, and involved dealers for quick ticket resolution.

Kawasaki improved its customer satisfaction rate by 78%.

Kawasaki reduced dealer response time from 48 hours to 4 hours.

Kawasaki was able to reduce overhead costs by 38%.

Faster resolution times for customer and dealer issues led to a more positive customer experience.

Client Testimonial

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