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Why nopCommerce is The Best Option for You?

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nopCommerce is one of the top e-commerce apps currently. With the rising trend towards e-commerce, your e-commerce game has to be on the point.


Reasons why nop-commerce can uplift your e-commerce store:

1. Easy to build and customize your website

Nop-commerce is essentially built on .Net technology. This makes it easy to build and customize with the help of a good .Net developer. With numerous components like adjustable shopping basket, index-based front end, and a flexible simple webpage administration, it is easy to customize. With various inbuilt modules, nop-commerce let you give your website a fresh and novel look and feel.

2. Multi-store Support

With a solitary back-end framework, nopcommerce development permits you to make and run various stores that can be overseen through a solitary administrator window. Since the backend database for each store is same, information like index information, special data and item characteristics can be shared between the stores. This is an extraordinary advantage if you must facilitate both B2B and B2C stores. The option to support multi-store is helpful for B2B marketers as small-scale stores with special items and connect it with the primary store.

3. Drop-shipping

B2B merchant can do away with putting time and cash to oversee the stock. Their order requests can be redirected to the merchants directly who can ship to your customers. This gives you the flexibility to work with various merchants simultaneously. On the other hand, merchants who are selling on your website can also access their items and information from the back-end.

4. Search Engine Friendly

The search engine is critical for any business today. Nopcommerce is a search engine friendly e-commerce store. It supports both XML and HTML sitemaps that helps in effectively indexing your website. Incorporated with Google Analytics, it helps you to identify and understand your audience.

5. Numerous payment and shipping options

A right payment gateway is essential for your e-commerce store to perform well. Nopcommerce permits you to offer your B2B customers various instalment alternatives as well. Also, shipping options can be customized as per your requirement. One of the most common reasons for cart abandonment is the undisclosed shipping cost. Nopcommerce can help your users to calculate shipping cost based on the zip and postal code. Alluring components and high moderateness make Nopcommerce one of the most famous e-commerce apps today. Interesting features and natural formats along with a good UI, it impresses your customers every time they visit your store.

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