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Why Should I Hire a Software Developer Contractor?

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The software business has blown out in recent years. Perhaps you need extra help with the workload, and you’re torn between a full-time employee or a part-time contractor. You should hire a software developer from Sigma Solve because they offer the same skill set with added flexibility.


Here are seven reasons why you should hire a software developer contractor.

1. Fewer Training Requirements

An experienced sigma software developer is familiar with the job requirements, unlike an employee just starting. A developer is already acquainted with every nuke and cranny in the coding world. The only training you have to conduct is teaching them your particular coding style. This is much easier compared to the long training sessions required to get an employee up to par with others.


Hiring a software developer in the US saves the company lots of time and resources. The independent contractor has been coding for several other organizations, and they are good to hit the ground running. Contrast that with getting a new employee who is probably not very familiar with the industry. Your organization might lose time and resources because of a drop in productivity. The experienced workforce will spend much time answering questions and correcting the new employee’s work.

2. Less Overhead Costs

You will incur fewer costs when you hire developers on contract. Independent software developers especially contracting firms, can take care of their bills such as insurance, benefits, and payroll taxes. They also have their own equipment, software, servers, and quality assurance and can handle their in-house IT needs.


This translates to lower expenses on your side, setting free funds for use in other areas to benefit the clients. However, a full-time employee might cause a significant strain on the company resources. This is because the software company must take care of the employee in terms of salary, insurance, and payroll taxes. All tech needs and equipment are on you.


You can also increase their workload or reduce it without much trouble. For instance, if things go south and your coding business experiences hard times, you can always reduce the hours of contract. On the other hand, a full-time employee must get their salary whether the business is booming or not. In other words, an independent software developer contractor is easy to maintain.


Contract developers already know that their services are temporary and can be terminated at any time, enabling them to adapt to industry realities.

3. You Get a Chance to Hire Top Talent

The IT market is extremely competitive, meaning that only the best software developers survive depending on the niche. What happens is that employers hunt for top talent instead of the contractors getting interviewed for their next gig. If you get a consultant or contractor, you land a well-trained individual whose skills are in demand because they get the job done. Also, the software developer market is saturated with top talent making it easier to land an ideal individual in no time.


Coding is a global phenomenon not limited to geographical areas. You can get independent contractors from anywhere across the globe saving on costs. Some competent developers live in remote areas and charge less than a competent full-time employee for the same skill set.

4. Perfect for Temporary Problem

The coding world is dynamic and sometimes uncertain in relation to the economy. If you think that things won’t be so good for you in the future, hire an independent software developer contractor. A contractor is comfortable under limited-term contracts or project-by-project terms. Your company won’t have to worry about the implications of hiring a long-term employee. Furthermore, you can terminate their services at the end of the contract without appearing bad.


Suppose you sign a contract to hire a software developer and then realize their services are indispensable. You decide to turn the temporary arrangement into a permanent position. Workers on contract don’t need the same form of onboarding and training that a permanent employee would. In fact, the transition is cheaper and quicker than usual because they were already working for you only on different terms. This is a perfect way to save cash on hiring and human resources processes.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is clearly the most attractive aspect of hiring a software developer. A hired software developer enables you to address market demands and needs as they come. This is because they have experience working in variable environments and can adapt to changing software conditions and markets. You would definitely love working with people who can determine your long-term needs without actually giving them the job or making upfront commitments. Hire developers on contract, and you will get that and much more.

6. Fast and Efficient Coding Process

Software development businesses do nothing but code all day, every week, all year round. They live for it because it is their specialty. They try to outdo themselves daily to stay on top of the game and earn a living. When you hire developers on contract, your company benefits from the years of experience.


Many software developer contractors invest heavily in creating technologies and devices for easier application development. Software development companies own billions of recyclable internal libraries and lines of code for solving coding issues. They have learned the ropes and know what to do in case of crash reporting, filling software stack spaces, debugging, and other sophisticated analytics.

7. Improved Transparency

Vetting new employees can be long and tiring, especially when their background isn’t very clear. The job interviews and CV scrutiny sometimes aren’t enough to unearth the working background of the individual. Hiring a software developer contractor is much easier.


Prominent software companies have an extensive portfolio because they have been in business for a while. You can consult many of their past clients and know who they are before signing a work agreement. A bad employee may land another job, but subpar contractors have no place in this industry.

Hire High-Quality Developers on Contract

Reasons to hire contractual software developers include; low overhead costs, convenience, flexibility, and fewer training requirements. The benefits of working with a software developer far exceed hiring an employee long-term. You get to pick the best and the most experienced coders in the industry.

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