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Top 5 Reasons why Headless CMS is the best for your next Blog Site

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Web developers used the traditional standard CMS to develop websites in the early days. Companies today seek the scalability and flexibility offered by headless CMS, which is why it’s getting increasingly popular.


In the traditional CMS architecture, such platforms as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and many others are used to keep and present website elements; images, text, videos, etc. Reusing these elements is hard since they are stored together and merged with a code.


As technology evolved, more digital platforms came up, and people wanted to access content through different devices, thus the need for a more flexible CMS.


Headless CMS is any content management system that disconnects the back end from the front end. In other words, a system that allows you to manage content from one location and display it across any device.

Why Headless CMS Is Best for Blog Site

Cross-platform content delivery

As you’ve seen, headless CMS separates the frontend from the backend content; meaning, it separates the visual part of your website from the database.


While the traditional approach of CMS allows you to optimize content for each platform separately, headless CMS displays the content across all platforms simultaneously. This saves you the struggle of the back-and-forth optimization process.


It’s a perfect way, especially with the technological advancement where people want to access content using different devices; web, desktop, mobile phones, or even mobile applications.

Highly customizable front-end

Headless CMS gives you complete control over the front-end features of your website.


Since it separates the front-end and back-end, you can customize your blog the way you like your visitors to see it.


Headless CMS allows you to change the UX of your site to achieve your goal. This modern technology will enable you to do that, whether it’s more clicks, clients, or subscribers.


It allows you to collect data across other platforms and use it to provide a personalized user experience.

Shorter development time

You all agree that the traditional approach of CMS would have you spend a lot of time bringing your ideas to the market. Interacting with many applications during development takes a lot of time.


With the headless CMS, the front-end framework provides you with all the tools you need to bring your website to life. Furthermore, using frameworks to develop a website makes it easy to edit and scale.

Easy support and more protection

You don’t know how the experience feels if you have never lost your website. When at once your website disappears, and your visitors cannot access it, this means you lose traffic, which equals losing money!


Websites developed using traditional CMS are more vulnerable. Why? Mainly, it uses obsolete plugins and themes, giving opportunities to hackers. On the other hand, headless CMS provides more security to your websites.


The reason? It’s hosted on a separate server and provides access to data using an API. Also, it provides cloud hosting services responsible for security and updates.

Better performance

Websites that take longer to load have a high bounce rate. With thousands of websites, users will hurriedly click back to visit your competitors’ sites. So, you’ll agree that a site’s speed matters.


Headless CMS gives you control over the front-end display, so you can choose the items you want to display and leave out unnecessary ones. In the end, you’ll quickly achieve speed by using headless CMS.


It allows secure and easy integrations with existing systems, giving content creators an easy time interacting with it.

Wrap up

With technological development, you need to shift to a headless CMS to improve your business. At Sigma Solve, we have a team of specialists ready to work with you to find the best headless CMS for your business. Contact us today, and let the work begin!

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