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React Native Application Development with Sigma Solve

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React Native by Facebook has changed the mobile app development game. This mobile application with cross platform technology allows companies to save time and money while lessening maintenance issues across both platforms. React Native provides a variety of app development solutions to voids left by other technologies.


Users expect a streamlined experience when crossing from a responsive website to an app-based interface, but this was a tall order when it came to coding on a variety of platforms. Facebook’s React Native has broken this barrier by allowing the use of JavaScript to write mobile apps. This advancement gives designers the ability to write native apps in JavaScript for both iOS and Android, and use all the original components including gestures, push notifications, camera, and location.


There have been other JavaScript libraries on the market prior, but those libraries use Webview, and the apps built with those technologies are not native. The main difference between these older web applications and React Native is the use of native UI components instead of HTML. React Native employs the same building blocks for the user interface (UI) as any native code would, allowing you to get the look, feel and performance of a native app – because the UI is native.


React Native now gives designers the ability to create mobile apps that run seamlessly on iOS and Android. Prior to React Native, apps were built twice to perfect each different code – one for iOS using Swift or Objective-C and one for Android using Java or Kotlin.

Why Sigma Solve, and Why Now?

Implementation of React Native saves time. When a designer builds React Native apps, they are simultaneously writing JavaScript. This creates seamless UI and user experience components. It is an open source framework, making it compatible with additional platforms such as Windows or tvOS.


React Native is a framework that works with a hierarchy of UI components to build JavaScript code with a native look and feel. Recently named one of the twenty most promising mobility solutions companies in the US by CIO Review Magazine, Sigma Solve stands ready to use our knowledge to create strong website development and app solutions for your company. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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