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Fresh Meal Plan

Fresh Meal Plan

Assembling a handy application that handles personal data, delivery, and ordering mediums in one place.

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Tralama is helping grow and maintain the trade labor economy

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Automated marketing, including targeted email campaigns.

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Luxury Diamond Jewelry

Luxury Diamond Jewelry

Encompassing the cultured luxury of diamonds in the virtual world and multi-currency plugins on the client’s website.

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Plumbing Supply Now

Plumbing Supply Now

A premier authorized dealer of wholesale plumbing.

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Discount Party Supply

Discount Party Supply

Exclusive birthday party kit for kids

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Construction management software designed for owners

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Containing rental, sales and repair for all travel needs across North America to make moving around easier than ever!



Stubby’s is home to the best barbeque in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Easy to Tax

Easy to Tax

Building in quick communication, scanners, and data accessibility features for a paperless way of tax-free refunds in Austria.

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May 29, 2020 Sigma Solve Inc.’s management team decided to allow all employees to work from home from March 23rd onwards. This was an effective step taken in response to the lockdown in the country for overcoming…

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