eBuilder provides companies and organizations with the solutions and services to achieve business excellence, through the business process integration of complex internal processes across multiple stakeholders.


e-Builder & Sigma Solve

Organizations that have utilized the e-Builder SAAS platform that Sigma Solve helped support and enhance claim the following results.

The Challenge

The e-Builder application is a platform created for project managers and construction personnel. It helps in managing various large turnkey construction projects. The e-Builder application is every project manager’s dream come true. It has several advantages of using the platform.

eBuilder Award

The e-Builder application is applicable in various stages throughout the life of the project. It is instrumental in planning, design, and team coordination. It helps avoid some of the headaches experienced in the management of projects.

The application provides a web-based project planning, management, and implementation platform. It is an instrumental for team coordination within an organization. It also enhances visibility, accountability, and transparency for the project.

The software helps companies and organizations manage complicated business processes involved in construction project implementation.

Typically, some of the issues that professionals in the construction management field experience are:

Our Solution

The issues above are complaints from individuals and companies in the construction industry. The e-Builder application addresses these and provides solutions for managing custom workflows and empowers the end users to customize the software to meet their specific needs.

These include inspection, duty allocation, and follow-ups. It also aids in procurement duties such as RFIs, field orders, among others.

The following are ways the e-Builder application fixes industry-related issues:

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The system makes Project Management process easier

The system developed complies with the Project management institute's (PMI) recommendations.  It follows a five-phase approach that is both flexible and easy to follow.

e-Builder also incorporates advanced web-based project management tools. The tools help manage large programs that do not compromise the quality of the deliverables.

Resource Management

The e-Builder program helps organizations get a better grip over portfolio management. It gives them access to strategic and meaningful information.

All this is possible using a Real Database that helps in offline data storage.


The 5-phase e-Builder method helps teams in various organizations execute their duties faster. The e-Builder system also allows users to learn from past projects.

It provides the ability to put in place the lessons in future projects enabled by the RX swift.

Tailored Training

e-Builder is an essential training tool tailored for your organization. The e-Builder training provides information and guidelines.

The guidelines teach users how they can use the application for the success of their business.


Technology Used

SQL Server

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