e-Emphasys serves equipment dealership and rental companies within a wide variety of verticals, including construction, mining, and agriculture, to name just a few.

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e-Emphasys e-Portal
e-Emphasys e-Portal

About The e-Emphasys

e-Emphasys, a renowned global IT solutions company, serves equipment dealership and rental companies within a wide variety of verticals, including construction, mining, and agriculture, to name just a few. By providing world-class, industry-specific ERP software solutions, e-Emphasys empowers clients by helping them obtain a complete picture of all company data to better streamline customer experiences without sacrificing operational efficiency. Doing so greatly benefits the bottom lines of the company’s clients in the process. With a proven track record of success, e-Emphasys’ hard-won reputation for providing a quality service is well-known to the industries they support.

Technology Used

Microsoft SQL Server


As a growing number of industries come to rely on the digital realm to support their businesses, it becomes increasingly important for those online providers to both keep pace with demand and anticipate needs in the future. While effective for a time, e-Emphasys’ e-portal was deemed too slow for the current needs of its clientele. In addition, their customers found it to not be very user-friendly.

The company needed the implementation of a new e-portal to replace their preexisting solution, one in which all available parts, services, and equipment details could be easily found by users. In addition, e-Emphasys wanted to employ search functionality that provided both manufacturer and category filters, making it easier than ever for users to locate exactly what they need. In order to fulfill the various requirements the company had for its revamped e-portal, the services of a world-class digital design firm would be required.

Sigma Solve Approach

Sigma Solve proved to be the perfect partner for developing the intuitive, powerful e-portal e-Emphasys required. We designed a new e-portal to make searching for and purchasing specific products a straightforward, and easy-to-navigate process. We added “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” functions, and taxes and additional fees were also automatically added to any parts order to give customers the most accurate pricing information possible.



With the help of Sigma Solve team, e-Emphasys has now fully implemented an optimized e-portal that fully meets the needs of their staff and client base alike, enabling a SaaS-based solution equally well-suited for a multitude of industries.

Now, e-Emphasys is better positioned to offer its end-to-end business solutions to help its customers increase revenue faster than ever before and has a system in place to allow them the ability to grow and evolve with the needs of their customers going forward.

Website Glimpse

e-Emphasys Glimpse
e-Emphasys Glimpse

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