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How AI and ML are Transforming Industries

From Data to Decisions: How AI and ML are Transforming Industries

All around the globe, businesses are experiencing the best times of their lives following the advent of AI and ML. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language empower businesses to make impactful decisions that give them a better stance at success in

Jumio debuts real-time ID verification solution for Android apps

Jumio debuts real-time ID verification solution Netverify for Android apps

Jumio, a digital payments and ID certification solutions provider backed by the likes of Citi Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, is today releasing Netverify Mobile for Android. That basically means that the company is making its mobile,

Microsoft Lync-Skype Integration

Microsoft to deliver Lync-Skype integration in June

Microsoft will demonstrate on Tuesday for the first time an integration between its Lync enterprise IM, audio and video conferencing server, and its Skype consumer counterpart, the latest Microsoft response to the consumerization of IT trend. At its Lync Conference

google glass revolutionary technology

Really a very revolutionary future introduced by :google “Google Glass”

Google has given the first detail glimpse at how its ‘Project Glass’ wearable computer actually works. The Android-based digital glasses allow wearers to view information like weather updates, email and text messages, take photographs and follow directions. Simplicity is the

Ecommerce Tips to Grow Your Business

12 Tips for E-commerce Success

Running your e-commerce business can be a grind. You need to replenish products, drive more traffic to your store, create new promotions, respond to customers, develop your employees, and so forth. In “Reviewing Your Ecommerce Business at Year End,” my

Blogging For SEO

Blogging For SEO

If you’ve never observed the phrase SEO, let me describe temporarily what it is, what it does and what it’s for. SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is a web design strategy that, when done successfully, attracts

Make monsters on the iPad wit Autodesk 123D Creature

Autodesk 123D Creatures lets you create monsters on your iPad

Love Spore’s robust creature creator tool? Got an iPad? Autodesk has something for you. The company’s latest iPad app, Creatures, is a streamlined monster maker — allowing users to create the monstrosity of their dreams with relative ease. Abominations start

Apple iPad, A Step Forward to Innovate Computing

Apple iPad, A Step Forward to Innovate Computing

Apple presents another magical and revolutionary technology gadget, the iPad. It is another step toward the innovation and reliability in fast computing. It looks like an e-reader, but it holds much more than that. It is everything that you can

iPhone 6 And iPhone 5S: Apple Phablet To Fight Galaxy Note 2

iPhone 6 And iPhone 5S: Apple Phablet To Fight Galaxy Note 2 In 2013

It seems Apple has finally accepted the defeat in terms of market share lost to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as gamers and professionals bought more than 10 million phablet last year. Now, a report published by Bright-wire relays suggest Apple iPhone 6 is going

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