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Multi-Tenant web application, in simple terms, refers to an application that is located on a centralized server and shared by multiple users (tenants), such that the functions performed by one user do not affect other user. Such delivery model is known as Software as a Service model or SaaS model. The users of a Multi-Tenant web application can access an application using web browser.

The Multi-tenant architecture is designed to separate the configurations and features of the application per user. It means every user can have separate set of configurations, selections of relevant features from the available set and custom GUI. However the database is located centrally on cloud. Customers/tenants are not required to make large investments for purchase, installation or maintenance of a Multi-Tenant software application ; instead they just require paying a small rental fee for using the application.

Advantages of Multi-Tenant Web Application

Low Maintenance Cost:
A multi-tenant application is deployed on a single server or pool of servers. Hence it is easy to maintain the server and handle error resolutions, which keeps the maintenance costs low.
Optimum Utilization of Resources:
Since the multi-tenant application is used by various users, the capabilities of the server are used at the optimum, without any need to allocate individual server to different customers. This allows organizations to cater to a large user base.
A multi-tenant application can be challenging to monitor, when there is a large number of user base. Yet it is better to monitor one application instead of monitoring multiple.

Some key benefits of Multi-tenant Web Application for the end users

Cost Effective:
Instead of getting a standalone application, that might incur huge investments, buying a multi-tenant application is far more economical.
A multi-tenant application offers separate login account for each user/client. Hence, a user has utmost privacy while using an application.
Bespoke Approach:
User have an advantage of configuring the application as per there business requirements, and hence it makes a multi-tenant application more user-friendly.

24/7 Accessibility:
A multi-tenant web application is accessible from web browser and hence a user can access the application anytime and from anywhereOur custom web development company is capable of developing and implementing Multi-Tenant Web Applications. Our developers are capable of leveraging the latest technologies to develop highly interactive applications.

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